About Us

Global Site Solutions was previously the Project Services and Solutions division of AT-PAC. However, as more industrial contractors began searching for new alternatives to traditional scaffold execution methods we established GSS, in the summer of 2016, as a separate entity to better serve the needs of the industrial scaffolding industry. The GSS approach to scaffold on large industrial projects has been developed from an unconventional execution philosophy which drives an effective management process, underpinned by an efficient customized software platform. This new methodology is fundamentally changing the way scaffolding is executed, managed, and perceived on large industrial projects around the globe.

The GSS unique execution philosophy for scaffolding is based on our “Core Four” management principles – Leverage, Control, Accountability, and Visibility. These four principles drive our proprietary management process which is underpinned by our streamlined software system, Hi-Vis.

The GSS Management process has shown improvements in the overall safety and quality for scaffolding activities and has proved to increase scaffold labor productivity, and asset utilization thereby reducing the overall scaffolding costs and mitigating the scaffolding risk on a large industrial facility.

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