Why Hi-Vis


In the past, identifying scaffolding bottlenecks in the construction process has been difficult and ambiguous, usually resulting in general assumptions that the scaffold Subcontractor has underperformed. In reality, there are many contributing factors that affect scaffolding performance on a project. Of which, communication and poor workforce planning are key disconnects.

Global Site Solution’s robust Scaffold Management System Hi-Vis provides your projects with real-time electronic scaffold requests and scaffold management processes to track all scaffolding resources, labor, and material deployed on the project. Hi-Vis was designed to bring complete transparency to the role scaffolding plays in large industrial projects and maintenance contracts.

Hi-Vis is designed to focus on planning and process controls to ensure all scaffold resources are deployed in the most effective manner to maximize productivity and utilization.

Hi-Vis has been developed to provide scaffold management tools and solutions for any size projects. Our clients have the flexibility to deploy the application modules independently or in one cohesive scaffold solution complete with data analytics and dashboard reporting.


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